• My Story

During his childhood Will was always fascinated by patterns and textures in his everyday environment and for some of these things he had an almost photographic memory. Patterns in brickwork, unusual shapes and details in architecture; textures and markings found on the bark of a tree, give a few examples.

By the time Will reached his teens his fascination had grown in another direction... he loved the wild energy and exuberance of some of the renowned graf ti artists and he picked up his first spray can! This was the beginning of his journey. He was mentored by one particular graf ti artist who in uenced him greatly and he was excited to be involved at several of the East London and Brighton graf ti festivals at the time. At 13, he became the youngest artist to be formally invited to participate in a festival of internationally renowned urban artists... namely “Upfest” Bristol.

A couple of years later he picked up a brush and a can and started to develop his own style. Mostly abstract, expressionist paintings using a mix of paints, pigments and other media, experimenting with a diversity of materials like rock salt, lichen, pumice and sand, to add textures and different light re ective qualities.

Wills first solo exhibition was in 2014 and Will gained his first clients and followers. In 2017 he had his first solo exhibition in Mayfair. Since then he has also been looking towards another passion... the art of fashion. Applying his artwork, that he has developed on leather and also canvas, he has created highly individual, exclusive pieces of “Artwear” for people who love to be individual and who connect with the creative and urban art scene. Influenced by music, he often paints to a strong beat or rhythm, which in itself brings an energy and an action that flows into each artwork.

His aim is to develop the relationship between his paintings and the artwork he produces to create unique, bespoke “Artwear” pieces that connect his work with the lives and occasions of the people that wear them.


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